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Compiled Data

Business Data

Empowering Your Marketing Efforts Around the Clock

In the realm of B2B marketing, securing accurate and reliable business data can often feel like an uphill battle. Historically, marketers have struggled to find data that matches the precision and completeness of consumer data, especially when executing multichannel campaigns.

Enter TeraMedia. With a database encompassing 42 million distinct companies, we set the gold standard for B2B data integrity. Our hybrid file boasts the industry’s most accurate postal, email, and phone data, supplemented by a multitude of selects including firmographic and contact-level demographics, enabling unparalleled targeting precision.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to contact accuracy. We go the extra mile to pinpoint the best possible business contacts, employing a double validation process that commences with physical location verification. With TeraMedia, you can trust that you’re working with B2B data that delivers results, backed by experts who understand the nuances of B2B like no other.

Database Overview:

• 144 million Contacts

• 42 million distinct companies

• 80 million individual postal addresses

• 68 million records with email addresses and matching postal addresses

• 80 million records with business phone numbers

Consumer Data

In today’s hyper-competitive global business landscape, data reigns supreme as the ultimate asset for fueling business growth. No matter how ingenious your customer acquisition strategy may be, its effectiveness hinges on the quality of the data powering it.

Achieving the perfect blend of the right target audience, a highly relevant offer, and the most effective channels is paramount. When you achieve this optimal combination, your marketing efforts soar to new heights. Imagine infusing your strategy with the industry’s cleanest, most accurate consumer data from the TeraMediawarehouse — suddenly, you’re setting unprecedented benchmarks for success.

Our proprietary triple validation data process meticulously cross-references every consumer record — individual contacts, not just households — against three active transactional files. This rigorous process ensures the highest levels of accuracy across postal, email, phone, and mobile data. Moreover, our database offers a plethora of selects including demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral data, allowing you to target highly specific audiences with pinpoint precision.

Rest assured, our data is fully compliant with DMA, CAN-SPAM, and other relevant regulations, ensuring your peace of mind while driving tangible results.

Database Overview:

• 264 million individuals

• 118 million U.S. households

• 120 million records with email addresses and matching postal addresses

•1118 million records with residential phone numbers (Pre-DNC)

Specialty Data

Automative MasterFile

The Automotive MasterFile specialty data provides detailed insights into vehicle ownership patterns, automotive preferences, and consumer behavior, empowering businesses to tailor their marketing strategies effectively within the automotive industry.

Ailment Masterfile

The Ailment MasterFile specialty data offers comprehensive information on various health conditions, treatments, and patient demographics, enabling healthcare professionals and researchers to enhance their understanding and management of diseases for improved patient care and medical advancements.

New Homeowner

The New Homeowner specialty data provides valuable insights into recent property purchases, demographic information, and consumer behavior, enabling businesses to effectively target and tailor their marketing strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of new homeowners.

Pre-Move Homeowners

The Pre-Move Homeowners specialty data offers detailed information about individuals or families preparing to relocate, including their current property details, demographics, and potential moving timelines, enabling businesses to target them with relevant services and products tailored to their imminent transition.

New Mover

The New Mover specialty data provides valuable insights into individuals or families who have recently relocated, including their new address, demographics, and potential needs associated with moving, allowing businesses to target them with relevant products and services tailored to their fresh start in a new location.

Digital Intent

Digital Intent Keywords

These keywords are valuable for businesses in digital marketing as they help optimize website content, ads, and other online assets to better align with users’ intentions, thereby increasing visibility, engagement, and conversions.

Visitor Connect

“Visitor Connect” typically refers to a digital tool or platform used by businesses to facilitate communication and engagement with visitors to their website or other online properties.

Data Services – Reach

Email & Phone Append

The Email & Phone Append data service enhances marketing efforts by providing businesses with updated contact information, enabling them to reach their target audience through multiple channels and increase the effectiveness of their outreach campaigns.

Reverse Email & Phone Append

The Reverse Email & Phone Append data service empowers businesses to enrich their customer databases by retrieving additional contact details, such as email addresses or phone numbers, based on existing information, thereby enhancing their marketing strategies and improving communication with their audience.

Name Append to Address Only Records

The Name Append to Address Only Records data service supplements existing address-based records with corresponding names, enabling businesses to personalize communications and enhance their marketing efforts by targeting individuals more effectively and fostering stronger connections with their audience.

Data Services – Insight

Demographic Package
(XX+ elements)

The Demographic Package (XX+ elements) data service offers a comprehensive array of demographic information, including age, gender, income, education level, household size, and more, empowering businesses to gain deep insights into their target audience and tailor their marketing strategies with precision to maximize engagement and conversions.

Interests & Behaviors
(XX+ Elements)

This robust dataset enables businesses to create highly targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offers, and tailored experiences that resonate with their audience, driving engagement and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Response Models

The Response Models data service employs advanced analytics to predict customer responses to marketing initiatives, enabling businesses to optimize their strategies, allocate resources effectively, and maximize ROI by targeting prospects most likely to convert or engage with their campaigns.

Look-Alike Models

By leveraging this data-driven approach, companies can enhance their marketing strategies, improve customer acquisition efforts, and drive higher conversion rates by reaching individuals with similar interests and traits as their existing loyal customers.

Email Ecosystem


This ecosystem may include data enrichment services, email validation tools, and compliance solutions aimed at improving the accuracy, deliverability, and effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.


The “Hygiene/Clean email ecosystem” encompasses a suite of tools, practices, and services designed to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of email marketing databases.


This ecosystem typically includes email service providers (ESPs), marketing automation platforms, campaign management tools, and analytics software designed to create, schedule, send, and track the performance of email campaigns.


This ecosystem includes email automation software, segmentation tools, and personalized content creation platforms designed to nurture leads, convert prospects into customers, and retain existing clients.


The cadence email ecosystem refers to the systematic approach to scheduling and sending email communications to subscribers.