About Us

Steve Hardigree


Steve is a seasoned pioneer and visionary in the email marketing, Marketing Technology, and Digital Marketing industries. With a proven track record of founding and leading multiple successful ventures, he has left an indelible mark on the landscape. Notably, Steve founded eDirect, eData, and Internet Media Group, which later became integral parts of LexisNexis, ChoicePoint & Equifax Marketing Services contributing to a combined market cap surpassing $850 million.

Steve’s groundbreaking projects have earned recognition in prestigious publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine, solidifying his position as a thought leader in the field. Committed to delivering exceptional results for clients, Steve combines tried-and-true marketing strategies with cutting-edge technologies like big data and Artificial Intelligence. Through his multifaceted approach, Steve continues to exceed expectations and lead the charge in shaping the future of digital marketing.

Tech Hartness


Tech Hartness brings over three decades of invaluable expertise to the Data-Driven Direct Response space, making him a true veteran in the industry. With a rich history spanning leadership and ownership roles at esteemed organizations such as Metromail, Acxiom, MarketTouch, V12 Group, Data Decisions Group, and Innovative Data Group, Tech has solidified his reputation as a trusted authority.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tech has been instrumental in providing comprehensive data solutions, including data processing, analytics, channel segmentation, data acquisition, and product development. His deep understanding of Omnichannel strategies has empowered leading companies across diverse sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, home services, and more, to achieve remarkable success.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proven track record of delivering impactful results, Tech Hartness continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of Data-Driven Direct Response.